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As the largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK, we represent the interests of thousands of businesses in the country's largest economic area outside London and the South East.

As part of our services to members, our research and analytics team provides high-quality research and cutting-edge insight and intelligence on a variety of aspects of the British and world economy.

Products & Services

Quarterly Economic Survey

Our most well known piece of research is the Quarterly Economic Survey. We receive over 500 responses every quarter from member businesses across Greater Manchester which gives us a detailed picture of the local economy. Forming part of the British Chambers of Commerce's national survey, Greater Manchester Chamber is one of the largest contributors to this important body of evidence. As the principal national business survey, and the first to be published in each quarter, its results are closely watched by both HM Treasury and the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

Read the full Q4 2016 Quarterly Economic Survey presentation here

The Manchester Index

Driven by the detailed data within the Quarterly Economic Survey, the Manchester Index is a composite indicator that reveals the health of the Greater Manchester economy overall.

Construction Pipeline & Skills Analysis

With an internally-developed methodology, this industry-leading piece of research delivers a four-year pipeline of construction projects in an area alongside a month-by-month, trade-by-trade requirement of skilled labour and analyses the skills deficits in the same area, showing how training needs must change to meet the future demand. Endorsed by the government's Chief Construction Advisor as an essential tool for the industry, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer this service to clients across the UK. Recent commissions include London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and KPMG seeking this data for the whole of London and the South East and other companies utilise the methodology to develop their own strategic business plans.

Data Warehouse

Building on our capacity and competence in large-scale data analytics, the Chamber is building a data warehouse, aggregating large quantities of publically open-source data alongside a number of commercial data services to allow us an unparalleled view of the Greater Manchester and UK economies. With data sets encompassing economic output, labour market, planning systems, land ownership and company financials, we are able to better understand the economy and world of business than many other organisations.

GM Real-Time Tracker

The Research Team is currently producing a bespoke model to track the Greater Manchester economy in real-time. We're currently expecting to launch this in early 2016.

Data Sources

The Chamber has a purpose built database which collects data from a number of sources in real time. As well as providing us with information for our releases above, it also drives our own GM economic tracker, providing an always up-to-date picture of the performance of our own economy.

Last week in Brexit

Weekly updates on the road ahead to Brexit are posted on the dedicated EU Referendum website, which also includes an overview of the process leading up to the referendum.

Independent research

In addition the regular large-scale economic survey, the Chamber undertakes regular polling of its membership.

Official statistics and Monthly Economic Updates

Regularly published data from the Office for National Statistics is collated and interpreted in the Chamber to help us to understand the broader macro-economic position. When compiled alongside other sources of data, such as Markit Economics' PMI surveys, the Chamber is able to routinely comment on many aspects of the sub-region and wider North West economy and has excellent relationships with the local, regional and national media on this basis.

Contact the Team

If you have any questions about the above, please contact one of the Chamber's research team: