Strategic Partners

The Chamber works with a number of strategic partners who offer specialist services to Chamber members.

Find out more about our Strategic Partners below:


You’re a growing business but need to improve your cash flow so that you can exploit the opportunities in front of you. You need immediate access to business finance so that you can increase your working capital but are reluctant to approach a bank. TradeRiver is an alternative finance provider who can offer you an unsecured working capital facility that you control. You can choose to fund purchases of either goods or services and can be used to pay for anything you order, from either the UK or the rest of the world. You simply pay back the capital plus a low transparent charge up to 120 days after the initial transaction is completed*.

Since our launch in 2011 we have lent over £125M to high growth businesses in the UK, providing them with the support to grow and realise their opportunities. Our clients have used their facility to pay for anything from components and perishable goods, through to freight forwarding fees, marketing costs and licensing fees. It’s also been used to secure manufacturing and to make speculative orders. If you would like to benefit from access to increased working capital and the same flexibility our clients enjoy contact your Chamber Membership Executive.

*dependent on creditworthiness.

WorkMobile - Any business that deals with data collection will know the inevitable issues that come with paper based systems, such as lost documents or inaccuracies.

So, what is the solution? WorkMobile®’s award winning mobile data capture app enables staff working out in the field to capture all manner of data on PCs and mobile devices in real-time, providing a more accurate and efficient alternative to paper forms. Stored securely in the cloud, information can be accessed and shared when necessary and businesses will have a clear electronic audit trail so they’re always compliant.

Does it work? Well, since WorkMobile®’s inception, we have processed 12 million forms and we currently work with 200 customers who are all benefitting from time and money savings, with the assurance that they are operating in the most compliant manner.

Our aim? To keep providing innovative solutions to our expanding customer base.

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