Quarterly Economic Survey

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most influential Chamber in the UK and is the recognised voice of business in Greater Manchester.

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What is it?

Forming part of the British Chambers of Commerce’s national survey, Greater Manchester Chamber is the single largest contributor to this important body of evidence.

As the most authoritative national business confidence survey, and the first to be published in each quarter, its results are closely watched by both HM Treasury and the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. It has reliably anticipated the onset of the two recessions since the early 1990s before they began and continues to act as a reliable indicator of national and regional economic performance. The Chamber uses the results of the survey to inform on detailed economic performance and trends.

Broadly, the data revealed by it is timely, accurate and invaluable for anyone wishing to understand the subtle shifts in the economic climate for businesses in Greater Manchester and beyond. For more information, watch this video explaining exactly how the data from the QES is used and how that benefits businesses in Greater Manchester.

How do I contribute?

The survey comprises 23 tick box questions covering demand, employment, confidence, investment and external factors and takes just two minutes to complete. No detailed information is required and the survey is completely anonymous.

How are the survey results released?

The results are published each quarter in a dedicated booklet and online. Whilst the results are published on our website, you can always ensure that you receive the results first along with detailed analysis provided by our Chief Economist, Dr John Ashcroft, our Head of Business Intelligence, Christian Spence, and our Director of Policy, Chris Fletcher, by attending our Greater Manchester Quarterly Economic Presentation. Here the results are announced first with an economic commentary, along with the opportunity to question the experts on what the results mean for the Greater Manchester economy. You'll also have the opportunity to meet the whole Chamber policy team and partake directly in debates to determine the Chamber's work for the coming quarter and beyond. For more information on the quarterly forums, contact Chris Fletcher or to reserve yourself a place email events@gmchamber.co.uk.

Become a QES partner

We work with a number of partner organisations such as local authorities, sector bodies and professional associations who, in return for helping us to promote the survey to a wider audience, can receive a personalised report and briefing on the responses from their geographical area, sector or members. This helps us to continue to ensure that the Greater Manchester results are the most comprehensive and most accurate in the UK. If you are interested in becoming a QES partner and learning how the results can benefit your organisation, contact any of the people listed below.

How do I find out more information?

We are proud that the survey is fully managed, researched, analysed and published in-house: contact any of the people below to find out more information:

Can I see previous quarters' results?

Yes, you can. You can download our reports via the links below. If you're interested in the data for a longer run time-series, then please contact Christian Spence.