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  • Skills - giving employers control
  • Zero Hours Contracts

What the chamber says…..

Skills - giving employers control

A fully trained, employed and effective workforce is a pre-requisite for a successful, growing economy.

A true demand-led system where employers have a direct influence on what skills training is available will ensure that the workforce is trained to maximum efficiency and fully reflects employer needs.

Whilst progress has been made under the Employer Ownership of Skills system, which has been successfully delivered by the Chamber working in partnership with SMEs, questions remain around future funding of this scheme and a possible threat that in the future employers will be paying more whilst having less influence on the system.

The Chambers experience over the last 18 months has shown the value and benefit of having a true demand led system that puts employers at the heart of deciding what training is required. It is important that this is allowed to continue and expand.

Zero Hours Contracts

Following a large amount of engagement with members on this issue most businesses can see the advantages of having such contracts in place for certain sections of the workforce. For some they are a crucial part of being able to deliver against fixed contracts for example in the care sector.

Whilst abuse of the system should not be tolerated it is felt that an all encompassing umbrella ban would not help business nor employees with a potentially negative impact on both.

We will be responding to the current government consultation on this issue.