Trade & Innovation

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most influential Chamber in the UK and is the recognised voice of business in Greater Manchester.

Creating growth opportunities in domestic and overseas markets, for businesses of all sizes and sectors in the GM economy.


  • Exporting - getting British businesses trading overseas
  • Manufacturing - making the makers stronger

What the Chamber says...

Exporting - getting British businesses trading overseas

Whilst the benefits of exporting can be seen through research there is still a huge reluctance on the part of many businesses to see themselves as being able to export with many not considering that their product or service can be sold overseas.

Working closely with UKTI the Chamber is keen to promote at every opportunity the business benefits that can come through exporting.

The Chamber has recently played a crucial role in launching the BCC’s Overseas Chamber Network designed to pull together chambers in key overseas markets to work closely with businesses on the ground to make it easier for businesses to start to trade overseas.

Backed up by support schemes such as Passport to Export and other sources of help and assistance businesses have more available support than ever to make the move to trade overseas.

Manufacturing - making the makers stronger

Manufacturing and Engineering companies still play major part in the GM Economy. Whilst GM does not play host to a major manufacturing plant such as BAe systems, JLR etc there is no doubt that from a supply chain point of view local businesses play a crucial part in keeping major engineering business trading successfully.

The attraction of young people to the sector is a major issue and the level of misunderstanding in general about its importance is also an issue that can prevent growth and development.