GM Futures


The organisations below have joined forces to add weight and gain momentum in driving economic growth and prosperity for businesses and individuals across Greater Manchester:

  • Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation
  • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Manchester Colleges Group
  • Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network
  • The Manchester College
  • The Manchester Growth Company

We intend to do this through harnessing the expertise and leveraging the assets of each organisation to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and rising to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Representatives of the above organisations have been working together to establish a partnership that will enable a collaborative approach to the ESF 2014-20 funding opportunities. This work will contribute to the development of a more coherent and effective integrated employment and skills system in Greater Manchester which supports individuals, employers and communities, creating secure and sustainable employment underpinned by accessible and coherent progression routes.

This approach builds on the successful work previously undertaken and lessons learned in delivering the ESF Skills Support for the Workforce programme. The intention is to augment this proven way of working that has brought synergy and improved alignment of other funding streams for the greater good of Greater Manchester.

Along with the opportunities presented by the devolution of powers to the city region, the agreement to create a strategic alliance of the above named partner organisations as GM Futures offers a chance to make a long lasting positive impact on skills and employment in Greater Manchester.

Read the full agreement here

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