Dispute Management Service

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Please contact the Chamber Resolution team on 0161 393 4321

The Chamber's Business Dispute Resolution Service is delivered in partnership with The London School of Mediation

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has launched a Business Dispute Resolution Service in partnership with the London School of Mediation.

London School of Mediation has 13 years' experience of delivering accredited mediation training courses of the highest quality both within the UK and internationally.

Conflict can be very costly to business, leading to loss of efficiency, low morale and loss of profit. Mediating conflict either in business deals or the workplace can be quick, confidential and cost efficient.

The new service will offer businesses access to world class mediation training along with a mediation service to resolve problems without the time and expense of going to court.

This new offering is ideal for anyone looking to start a new and exciting career in the dispute resolution field, to become a more effective mediator in the workplace or to continue CPD in this area.

The Chamber’s new service comes after the Government introduced measures to encourage businesses to resolve disputes before they go to court. These measures, which include introducing employment tribunal fees and a compulsory early conciliation service, have led to a drop in the number of tribunal claims.

For more information on the Business Dispute Resolution Service, please visit www.ChamberResolution.co.uk