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Contact the Chamber team on 0161 393 4349 or email for more information.

A service to help you identify the right consultant

Business leaders have many challenging decisions to make and finding the right solution can be difficult.

Sometimes it helps to bring someone with additional knowledge into the business to assist the executive team or to lead on a specific project.

There are different ways to do this, but one option is to bring an experienced individual into the business on a temporary basis.

Why recruit a consultant?

Through an experienced consultant a business can source a highly skilled, experienced and well-connected individual, who can bring specialist knowledge and provide a fresh perspective on the business.

Consultants are paid on a day rate basis and this allows you to closely manage your expenditure and only commit to what your business can afford, without making any long term commitment.

However, finding the right consultant is key.

The GM Chamber Consult Service

We will work with you to agree an outline specification for the consultancy assignment and provide you with market information relating to the expected cost of recruiting a consultant.

The process works as follows:

  • You contact the Chamber team and we agree your specifications/requirements
  • The Chamber then searches for suitable consultants with the right skills and experience to match your requirements
  • We present you with a shortlist and you interview the candidates
  • You then negotiate with and appoint the most suitable consultant


There is no cost to you for this service, other than the cost of the consultant once you have appointed them. This will be a direct agreement between you and the consultant and you will not be required to negotiate through the Chamber.

How to access the service

If you are interested in bringing in a consultant to assist your business and this service is of interest, please contact the Chamber team on 0161 393 4349 or