Golf & Business Together

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For more information, visit: or call 0161 871 0826.

The Golf & Business Together membership has been created to work in partnership with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

We have formed a partnership with Golf & Business Together (GBT) to offer members the opportunity to network and play golf on some of the best courses in the North West.

Golf & Business Together (GBT) will be running 10 events over the course of the year at prestigious venues such as Southport & Ainsdale, West Lancs and Delamere Forest amongst others.

The aim is very simple: to create a membership of like-minded people, who love golf and business. We are building a professional group of business people and creating golf experiences to which you can invite your customers, potential customers and key staff. GBT will deliver an event that all your guests will remember.

For more information and to join the Tour, visit or call the GBT membership team on 0161 871 0826.