Member News: Creative Agency Celebrates the City in Latest Digital Magazine

Jul 17th, 2017 - Last updated at Jul 17th, 2017

"We want readers to discover something wonderful about the city, on merit alone."

Moray Newberry, MD


“Manchester’s got everything except a beach” as Ian Brown, a famous son of the city once said, and now one creative agency is celebrating all that Manchester offers through their M World magazine.

Monitor, based in the Deva City Office Park just off Trinity Way, created M World following a brief from Managing Director Moray Newberry, who tasked the team with showing off their creative talents by doing something different to delight clients, friends and communities.

Moray Newberry MD said: “The M World project gives our designers free reign to push the boundaries of creative thinking and now it’s evolved to be an intrinsic part of the agency ethos.”

Released up to three times a year, each issue of M World is packed full of engaging content combined with thoughtful design to help readers take a break and lose themselves in an immersive online experience.

Moray added: “In each issue we focus on four key themes - culture, style, food & drink and experience and our team focus on their personal ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ from across the globe.

“For M World 9 we realised that we’re based at the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world and that each of us had favourite Manchester activities, eateries and drinking dens that we wanted to share with our readers.

We strive to bring together forward-thinking design and the latest digital wizardry to create an experience that’s beautiful and memorable. In this issue, you’ll find everything from downloadable menus to restaurant booking links and exciting videos of some of our favourite places in the city.”

“Every featured location, event or individual has been chosen by a member of the team; no one has paid to appear in M World,” said Moray, “We want readers to discover something wonderful about the city, on merit alone.”

From an interview with Christine Cort, MD of the Manchester International Festival to top picks from the Worsley Old Hall menu, M World 9 showcases the very best of Greater Manchester.

“We pride ourselves on standing in the shoes of our client’s customer,” added Moray “it’s important to deliver the ‘wow factor’ in everything we do and that’s something we strive to achieve with M World.”

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